Design + Business



Design is problem-seeking


“The artist must step down from his pedestal and be prepared to make a sign for a butcher’s shop, if he knows how to do it. We no longer have this distinction between fine and not-fine, pure and applied. Art is once more becoming a trade, as it was in ancient times when the artist was summoned by society to make certain works of visual communication." 

Bruno Munari, Design as Art


design is everything


“The physical world, though it exists and its existence cannot be denied, is never cause, it is only result, only symptom, it is the clay under the thumb of the potter.” 

Robert Penn Warren, All the King’s Men


Design is impactful


“An insignificant little piece of writing equipment, when one thinks of it, has had a vast, almost boundless, influence on our culture.” 

Jun’ichiro Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows


Design is story-telling


“It’s incredibly useful to determine patterns across large groups of people. But when is it appropriate to apply these models to individual human beings? Math has its limits. Describing human individuality is one of those limits. If our aim is to create solutions that are beneficial in people’s lives, there are potentially harmful consequences to trying to understand humans solely through math.” 

Kat Holmes, Mismatch


Design is systemic


“We may picture the process of form-making as the action of a series of subsystems, all interlinked, yet sufficiently free of one another to adjust independently in a feasible amount of time. It works, because the cycles of correction and re-correction, which occur during adaptation, are restricted to one subsystem at a time. 

Christopher Alexander, Notes on the Synthesis of Form


Design is realistic


"Every building is a prediction and every prediction is wrong.”

Stewart Brand, How Buildings Learn


Design is imperfect


“Hominess is not neatness. Otherwise everyone would live in replicas of the kinds of sterile and impersonal homes that appear in interior-design and architectural magazines. What these spotless rooms lack, or what crafty photographers have carefully removed, is any evidence of human occupation. In spite of the artfully placed vases and casually arranged art books, the imprint of their inhabitants is missing. These pristine interiors fascinate and repel me. Can people really live without clutter? How do they stop the Sunday papers from spreading over the living room? How do they manage without toothpaste tubes and half-used soap bars in their bathrooms? Where do they hide the detritus of their everyday lives.”

Witold Rybczynski, Home


Design is democratic


“The people who need design ingenuity the most, the poorest 90% of the global population, have historically been deprived of it.”

Alice Rawsthorn, Design as an Attitude


Design is harmony


“The extension of the art of dwelling is the art of living—living in harmony with man's deepest drives and with his adopted […] environment.”

Charlotte Perriand, L'Art de Vivre