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Design within reach

Photograph: Design Within Reach

Photograph: Design Within Reach


Prototype and pilot a new B2B + B2C in-home interior design service offering:

  • NYSID-licensed design consultation

  • in-home measuring

  • spatial planning

  • point-to-point delivery monitoring

  • customized 3D renderings

Role + Responsibilities

Account Executive

  • NYSID training

  • end-to-end order fulfillment

  • budget planning

  • on-site delivery management

  • design services: design consultation, swatch boards, spatial planning + 3D rendering

  • maintain + cultivate B2B trade client relations

KPI Outcomes*

  • increased conversion rate

  • increased sales

  • increased AOV (average order value)

  • increased rate of client satisfaction

  • increased inventory turnover

  • reduced shipping costs

*exact figures not disclosed for NDA compliance





  • utilized branded products (e.g. Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Saarinen Dining Table) to drive traffic into stores and use value-added services to upsell high margin house-brand products

  • maintained unmatched network of complementary industry partners to provide all-in-one service to B2B + B2C clientele


  • developed backend systems and services that provide added-customer value to create switching costs and drive repeat purchase behavior

  • present products in bundled contexts in showrooms, marketing materials, and channel messaging in order to increase AOV


  • disrupted showroom model to provide customers with unprecedented access to modern design classics (touch, see, and test) and ready-to-ship delivery model

  • provide customer-centric services (3D spatial modeling, curating swatch + inspiration boards, in-home measuring, point-to-point delivery monitoring, in-home installation) to foster brand loyalty



  • financing

  • licensing

  • bundled pricing


  • complementary partnering

  • coopetition


  • complements

  • product bundling


  • feature aggregation


  • try before you buy

  • added value

Floor Plan.png

Swatch Board

Client consultations begin in the studio, discussing project requirements while first-round testing furniture in person. Tear sheets and swatch boards are assembled ahead of an on-site follow-up appointment, at which point spatial measurements are taken in order to construct a 3D rendering of the site.

3d Renderings

3D renderings are created to mimic client’s interior specifications and populated with potential pieces. Designs are prototyped and iterated upon until the client approves of final proposal.



Todd’s knowledge, experience, and talent comes through in the way that he listens. He sees his first task as understanding his client’s needs, and his work shows it.
— Client Testimonial

Sample Order

  • Vesper Sleeper Sofa: $7,795

  • Dune Rug by Sam Moradzadeh + Christina Tullock: $5,495

  • Møller 77 Chair by Niels Otto Møller: $1,496

  • Risom Desk by Jens Risom: $1,995

  • Raleigh Side Table by Jeffrey Bernett + Nicholas Dodziuk: $1,095

  • Morrison Credenza by Egg Collective: $5,495

  • Saarinen Dining Table by Eero Saarinen: $3,955

  • Ring Chair by Nana Ditzel: $2,595

  • Aura Media Unit by Enrique Delamo + Angel Martí: $1,595

  • 74 Recliner by Milo Baughman: $3,950